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Online Charity Art Auction - Just Launched!

iHASCO logo with paint splashes for charity art auction

At the end of last week iHASCO launched an online charity art auction to raise money for Age UK Berkshire. It will be running until Friday 10th July 2020, to allow for some friendly but hopefully competitive bidding on 16 spectacular masterpieces!

Turning the auction from an idea into a reality

With lockdown and social distancing, fundraising has been a particular challenge. The usual office cake sales and charity lunches have not been possible, so the charity committee have had to come up with some more innovative ideas to support our charity partner. iHASCO produces top quality online training courses and one of the things we pride ourselves on is the high standard of our animations and creativity. With such a talented bunch we knew that running an online art auction could be achievable. And what’s more, not only have some of our staff members got creative, it turns out that our clients, family and friends have hidden talents too and have kindly contributed to turn this art auction from an idea into a reality.

How does it work?

The artwork can be viewed here: Charity Art Auction group

There are 16 lots, which you can see by scrolling through the group feed. Once on the page select ‘join’ so you can become part of the group and bid on your favourite pieces. If you want to bid on a particular lot just add your bid amount in the comments underneath. You can read more about how it will work in the ‘about’ section of the page. 

The showcase of talent is amazing and we are incredibly grateful to all of our contributors to help get this off the ground. There is a huge variety of artwork, from digital pieces to watercolour compositions. (You can see them below - in no particular order, and not to scale.)

16 artwork pieces for iHASCO's charity art auction
The 16 masterpieces for iHASCO's online charity art auction

The artists

Lot 1: Bluebell Woods by Ann Manners
Materials/Size: Acrylic, 45cm x 36cm

Lot 2: Mick Jagger by Dean @Shire Foods
Materials/Size: Acrylic, 22”x 14”

Lot 3: Elephant by Dean @Shire Foods
Materials/Size: Ink & wash, 16.5” x 11.5”

Lot 4: Pals by Lottie Galvin
Materials/Size: Acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 30cm

Lot 5: Serenity by Mysha Nagra
Materials/Size: Acrylic and oil, 14” x 18”

Lot 6: Pink Flowers by Derek Turner
Materials/Size: Watercolour, 11”x 8”

Lot 7: London in Lockdown by Mike Brooks
Materials/Size:Watercolour, A4

Lot 8: Dragon at Rest by Mike Brooks
Materials/Size: Paper cut, A4

Lot 9: Three Brothers by Mike Brooks
Materials/Size: Paper cut, A4

Lot 10: David Bowie by Stuart Richards
Materials/Size: Acrylic on canvas, 24”x 18”

Lot 11: Daisy Dukes by Stuart Richards
Materials/Size: Acrylic on canvas, 39”x 31”

Lot 12: Spike by Maggie Moseley
Materials/Size: 10”x 15” painted on slate

Lot 13: Henny Penny and Cock-a-doodle do by Maggie Moseley
Materials/Size: 10”x 15” painted on slate

Lot 14: Solidarity by Charlotte Cottrell
Materials/Size: Digital art, A3 canvas

Lot 15: “Demon Days - Gorillaz” by James Skinner
Materials/Size: Digital art, 40 x 40cm canvas

Lot 16: Windsor Castle by JezzzDesign
Materials/Size: A3, print

We are truly excited to be able to raise some money for Age UK Berkshire and with such a variety of artwork there is bound to be something that will appeal to everyone! Not only will you be helping a charitable cause (with 100% of the proceeds going to Age UK Berks) but you will have some amazing artwork for your walls!

Let the bidding begin! 😊

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