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iHASCO’s Care Certificate Bundle Explained

iHASCO are delighted to be able to offer 15 eLearning courses to support the theory side of the 15 standards of care, for anyone working towards their Care Certificate. Watch a short video below explaining what the care certificate bundle is about or read on!

What is the care certificate bundle?

There is a workbook that’s been created by Skills for Care that contains information on 15 care topics. These topics are known as ‘standards’. Some examples include Fluids and Nutrition, Communication and Basic Life Support. The workbook contains everything a trainee carer needs to learn before their competence is tested by their organisation. 

Why do you need iHASCO to help you achieve this?

iHASCO have created 15 online training courses to match the 15 care standards in the workbook. We’d like you to think of our Care Certificate Course Bundle as the ‘theory’ part of your training. We bring the workbook to life, enabling you - our users - to learn and remember this vital information with ease. We want you to enjoy your learning and find value in it. So we’ve made it engaging, simple and easy for you to put into practice. Once you’ve completed your ‘theory’ with us, you’ll be ready to complete your ‘practical’ training with your manager. The Care Certificate will then be awarded to you by your organisation when you’ve proved that you meet the required standards. 

iHASCO are a Skills for Care Endorsed Learning and Development Provider

iHASCO are a Skills for Care Endorsed Learning and Development Provider, so you can have complete confidence that our online courses are the perfect match to go alongside your practical training.

The bundle offers an effective solution for providing engaging and affordable training for staff in the social and health care sector, from as little as £2 per course per person! The 15 online training courses can be completed in under 8 hours and fitted in around the learners other commitments. Each course allows the user to pause or re-watch sections to ensure they get the most from their learning and make any notes in the downloadable workbooks. The end of course test is there to ensure key learning points have been retained and an instant certificate (if the pass mark is achieved) can be printed to help the user keep track of their theoretical training. Learners can retake the test where necessary or re-watch any of the course sections before taking the test.

It is easy to monitor training: for the employer, through the LMS, and the employee through their own training suite, to keep track of completed and outstanding training. 

Our iHASCO courses will help provide a solid programme for learners to start their theoretical training and begin to develop their career in care. Equally, you can pick and choose courses to suit depending on individual training needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with our quality online training.

iHASCO's online care certificate courses