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EasyJet cyber attack affects around nine million customers

Be aware of phishing attacks in your emails

As many of you would have seen this week, EasyJet has fallen victim to a ‘highly sophisticated’ cyber attack affecting around 9 million people. EasyJet has informed the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) and they are investigating the breach. 

While EasyJet has been in contact with those who have been affected, customers whose details have not been affected are being advised to stay alert to other unsolicited emails and messages from them too.

We are advising customers to be cautious of any communications purporting to come from EasyJet or EasyJet Holidays.


Unfortunately, some of the iHASCO employees - including one of our directors - have been affected by this security breach. While we were frustrated to have been affected, we all agreed that the communications we had received from EasyJet were clear, concise and the details on being ‘careful about phishing attacks’ were useful. EasyJet stated what communication we should and should not expect to receive from them to make us wary of the possible phishing we could be victims of.. 

In fact, this news prompted us to encourage our staff to retake our Cyber Security Awareness Training

This particular incident proves that large and small business are vulnerable to attacks and it’s not enough to have sophisticated electronic solutions on their own – every single employee in every single business needs to be aware and should play a role in limiting the risks.

David Goddard

Our training refresher will aim to make sure that we are all staying vigilant to any phishing emails that may follow now the attackers have our contact information. Within the course we cover; a cyber security overview, how we can prevent malicious software from getting into our systems and looks at security breaches. 

If you have also been victim to this Easyjet security breach and would like to refresh your Cyber Security Awareness, please get in touch for a free trial today…

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