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Digital Week 2020 - Summary of Contents Part One

Digital Week 2020 - Summary of Contents

A while back, we were approached by the Safety & Health Practitioner (who have a readership of roughly 160,000 Occupational Safety and Health professionals) with a proposal to help deliver an online event for OSH professionals that was all about shedding light on the issues that arose within this line of work when the world was hit with COVID-19.

The event was called “Digital Week 2020”, and it was to be hosted on the original date of the Safety & Health Expo - 18th to the 22nd May. 

This opportunity stood out to us. We were (and still are) doing everything we can to help businesses throughout this time; this includes creating a free Coronavirus Awareness video resource that was able to live up to quality of our “official” training courses, the free training initiatives that saw us give away free training to all key workers across the UK and partnering with the NHS to train staff from 4,000 care homes, and adding additional elements to our Documents and Policies feature that will allow our clients to easily distribute key documents in a time where they will be needed most. The list keeps going.

So, after careful consideration of what we could offer the SHP audience, we accepted their proposal.

We wanted three key outcomes from this event:

  1. To offer valuable/relevant content to the audience.
  2. To give back to the hard-working OSH professionals.
  3. To encourage conversation amongst the audience.

How did we plan to achieve these three outcomes?

  1. We created a Returning to Work white paper & guide that offers the audience practical guidance on safely and effectively sending employees back to work.
  2. We are running a competition that gives somebody the chance to win a £500 Amazon voucher.
  3. As part of the competition, individuals had to let us and the rest of their followers know whether they preferred working from home or in the workplace.

So far, everything has been great, including the OSH webinar that was about what a post-Coronavirus workplace would be like and the current issue that is sourcing PPE.

We’ve had some fantastic speakers like Ruth Denyer (Group Risk Director of ITV), Karen McDonnell (Head of RoSPA Scotland), Lawrence Waterman (Chairman of British Safety Council), and many others!

I will be writing another blog post this week about their key takeaways from the event!

Finally, I want to leave you with a quote that really stuck out to me from the webinar.

Handrails, not handcuffs.

Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Ruth Denyer, the Group Risk Director of ITV, mentioned this as something all OSH professionals/organisations should consider.

What she meant by this is that we shouldn’t be solely focusing on policing health & safety more strictly in light of COVID-19; we should be working with each other to develop a better understanding of how to do things right.

I hope that we’ve made a genuine difference for the Digital Week audience, and I look forward to engaging with them over the next week.

If you’d like to access these exclusive webinars, resources, and information, visit the Digital Week page!

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