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Our new organisational segments editor

Organisational segments provide a neat way to divide and categorise your users. You can also assign additional LMS administrators to manage particular segments. Previously segments could only include a single rule. As of today you can now create complex segments with ease using our new organisational segment editor.

Organisational Segments Editor
The new organisational segments editor in the iHASCO LMS.

With the new editor you can add and edit segments with an unlimited number of rules. If you want to make an LMS administrator responsible for managing your Account Managers in your Bracknell office, or just want to be able to quickly and easily filter your user or results views on this specific criteria then you can set up a segment with a rule that requires that the department is "Account Management" and a rule that requires that the location is "Bracknell".

You can get as creative as you want with your segments, you can even choose to create segments which use an "AND" condition or an "OR" condition. Rules can use a variety of operators too, from 'equals' and 'not equals' to 'contains' and 'doesn't contain'. The operators available, automatically adjust based on the field you choose to create a rule for.

We hope you find this new addition helpful and look forward to hearing how you're using it. As ever, our customer support team are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

For more information on using the new organisational segments editor read How to create and edit Organisational segments in our support knowledge base.