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Notice of changes to how we serve video

We offer clients a choice between using our primary video CDN (Vimeo) and our alternative video CDN (Amazon Cloudfront). Most clients find that there are no issues with Vimeo but on occasion we've seen technical problems with video playback via Vimeo for older devices and so have switched clients to use our alternative video CDN.

We’ve made a number of changes recently which improve the compatibility of our primary video CDN and so we will be automatically switching all accounts to our primary video CDN on the 1st of June. This means that the domain from which video is served for your iHASCO training suite may change from to * if you have been using our alternative video CDN.

If you are affected by this change we will also be contacting you directly via email. We suggest that you ask your IT/Technical support team to ensure that all users can access * in advance of this change to ensure uninterrupted access to their training.

If your IT/Technical support team are unable to whitelist this domain you can continue to use our alternative video CDN by request, however, no response will be taken as acceptance that you are happy to use our primary Video CDN.

If you have any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our support team on