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This is one of the biggest international challenges faced in a generation. But our great country has faced and overcome huge trials before. Our response to these unprecedented and unpredictable challenges must be similarly ambitious, selfless and creative.

Boris Johnson - Prime Minister

While many of us are still unsure of when we will be returning to work, the Government are periodically reviewing the restrictions on businesses. We advise that you continue to follow Government advice at all times in order to avoid a potential outbreak at your workplace.

With the restrictions being slowly lifted and some businesses being allowed to resume some normal working practices, you will need to consider some possible changes to workplaces to keep employees safe. We have provided six steps to help you work towards compliance with the social distancing measures and other advice from the Government.

By downloading our guide, you'll learn about:

  • How employees can safely return to work
  • Understand best practices for your sector
  • Understand the importance of good hygiene
  • Understand the importance of social distancing
  • Learn how Returning to Work Training can benefit your organisation

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