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iHASCO provides free Mental Health and Stress Awareness training to over 4,000 Care Homes in the South East

iHASCO supporting the NHS

We're thrilled to announce that a new partnership between us and the NHS will see over 4,000 care homes in the South East of England receive free Mental Health Awareness and Stress Awareness for all staff. 

The coronavirus pandemic could have a "profound" effect on people's mental health - now and in the future, say psychiatrists and psychologists who are calling for urgent research. The Care sector is one of the worst affected industries globally when it comes to mental ill-health, with approximately 71% of carers having poor physical or mental health and 84% of carers feeling stressed. 

On top of there being no legislation in place for emotional support, care, and charity sectors are suffering hugely from a lack of investment into staff mental health and wellbeing. Many care and charity employers may offer support in the form of helplines or counselling but the support is not embedded in the workplace itself. We hope that by offering our training courses for free to care homes in the South East we can provide advice and awareness that might not have been available to many beforehand. 

I'm so proud to have helped arrange this free training for staff in care homes across the South East. On behalf of my colleagues at iHASCO, thank you so much for the work you're doing! 

- Alex King, New Business Manager at iHASCO