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Q1 2020 Product Development Update

It's been a busy start to the year with lots of work going on behind the scenes in the product development team. Much of our time has been consumed by the project we are undertaking to overhaul the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment tool and we've also made a start on a project to improve the live reporting views in the LMS. Yes - this means you'll eventually be able to click on the doughnut segments on the dashboard!

We've been working on a raft of necessary infrastructure updates behind the scenes to ensure we can keep everything running smoothly and deliver training reliably without any hiccups as we continue to grow (after all we did just deliver our 5 millionth training session!). There have also been all sorts of unseen changes to improve performance and security too.

We tweaked some language and terminology throughout the application to make things feel more consistent and also introduced the ability to add 'free' courses to your library through the LMS. This proved invaluable as a means of quickly distributing the free Coronavirus Awareness course which our production team put together back at the start of March.

We're looking forward to sharing more news with you on the features that we're planning to deliver this quarter very soon, stay up to date on all the incremental improvements and major releases by subscribing via email or RSS.