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Addressing prejudice of disabilities in our Safeguarding Children course

What happened?

We made a mistake.

In our Safeguarding Children course we included content which perpetuated prejudice against people with disabilities and we are genuinely sorry for this. One of our course slides made reference to deaf or blind parents and carers and one of our test questions did the same. The information contained within these parts of the course we accept was wrong and they have now been removed from the course.

How did this happen?

We made a mistake and we're mortified to admit that our review process failed to pick this up.

What's changing moving forwards?

We will conduct a fresh review of this course and of our general review procedures going forward. We will provide a clear summary here of any further changes that we'll be making. Clients who have already purchased our Safeguarding Children course will receive any updates at no cost.

One of our core values is to seek constant improvement and so a failing like this on our part is a chance for us to learn, reflect on how we do things and make a positive change for the future. 

We are sorry for the harm we have caused and we are grateful for the sincere and candid input that we've received.

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