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How iHASCO eLearning helps towards compliance with ISO 45001

How iHASCO eLearning helps towards compliance with ISO 45001

With over 7,600 workers dying worldwide each day from work-related accidents & diseases, it’s clear to see that the effects of occupational injuries and diseases is significant, for employees, employers and the wider economy.

As a result of this, organisations and their employees have been long suffering from losses from early retirements, absences, rising insurance premiums and plenty of other repercussions.

What is ISO 45001? 

Published in March 2018, ISO 45001 is an International Organization for Standardization standard for management systems of occupational health & safety.

ISO 45001 aims to provide organisations with an effective set of processes for improving safety at work in global supply chains. The standard is the world’s first International Standard for occupational safety & health.

The standard was designed to guide organisations of all sizes and industries.

ISO state that the ultimate goal of the standard is to reduce occupational injuries and diseases from occurring.

Why was ISO 45001 introduced?

The UK developed it’s BS 8800 standard about 25 years ago with the long-term intention that this should be internationalised.

ISO 45001 was introduced so that organisations from different countries were able to maintain the same high standard for the management systems of health & safety.

How do you comply with ISO 45001?

Although you’re not required by law to implement ISO 45001, or any similar management standards, they still act as a crucial tool to help your organisation provide a structured framework for ensuring a safe workplace.

Not only does it provide a structured management framework for organisations, but it helps to show external organisations your commitment to health & safety in the workplace.

There are 10 clauses that make up the framework of the standard:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Context of the organisation
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement

Following the guidance of these clauses, organisations should demonstrate that they can manage and mitigate their occupational health & safety risks effectively.

How does iHASCO help towards ISO 45001 compliance?

Clause 7 of ISO 45001 provides guidance on the support required to ensure that the occupational safety & health management system is functioning effectively.

The organisation striving for ISO 45001 compliance must initially determine and provide the resources necessary to establish, implement, maintain, and improve its occupational safety & health management system.

This includes sufficient training of staff working within the organisation.

Why choose iHASCO?

Quite simply, because we make training simple.

With our easy-to-use Learning Management System, you are able to provide external organisations, like ISO, with proof of employee learning with the click of a button, using our training data export feature.

We also have a course library with over a hundred courses, so you can show your commitment to many pieces of health & safety legislation.

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