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New automated reminder emails

Automated reminder emails have had an overhaul. We've added a whole bunch of new features to our reminders which mean you no longer need to manually chase users to start, complete or renew their training.

Do you find yourself manually sending emails to your employees asking them to start, complete or renew the training they're enroled in? There's absolutely no need to do this now, our new daily and weekly automated reminder emails do all the hard work for you. It's like having a personal assistant!

Example weekly digest email
An example of the new weekly digest reminder emails an employee would receive if they had outstanding actions to complete.

Want to know more?

These new automated reminders are made up of both daily and weekly emails which we'll send to your users when particular events occur for them. Your dedicated account manager can tell you more but here's a brief run down...

Daily summary emails

We'll send a daily summary email to any users for which one or more of the following events have occured:

  • The user has been enrolled in a new course
  • One of the users completed courses has expired
  • If a new 'required reading' document or policy has been uploaded (only applicable if you have the documents & policies module enabled)

Weekly summary emails

We'll send a weekly summary email on a Monday to any users for which one or more of the following events have occured:

  • The user has been enroled in a course but has not yet started it
  • The user has started a course but has not yet completed it
  • A course which the user has completed is due for renewal within the next month
  • A course which the user has completed has expired and is overdue for renewal
  • A document or policy which the user is required to read has not been marked as read

How do I enable these new features?

To start using these new automated daily and weekly email reminders simply log-in to your LMS and navigate to "Settings > Messaging > Automated emails". Here can can choose to enable or disable all of the new reminder features.

Once enabled we'll start sending these reminders on your behalf as soon as any of your users are due to be chased. You can see what's been sent and how often we're sending these emails from the new "Insights > Automation" screen too.

Insights automation screenshot
Sent emails are recorded to the events log and we've also added a new 'Automation' view to 'Insights' so you can keep track of all the chasing we're doing on your behalf.

If you'd like to know more about this exciting new feature or want help enabling it on your account don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team or contact your dedicated account manager.