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Changes to how user enrolments are managed in the LMS

We've been working on a couple of big changes to how we handle user enrolments in the LMS.

It's important that you take some time to understand how these changes might affect your workflow as a training administrator and to ensure that if you currently manage user enrolments via a CSV import, that you update your CSV file format accordingly.

The first significant change is to the "Manage enrolments" screen in the LMS. This has been replaced with a much simpler to use dialog which adapts to where's it's summoned from. This makes day to day minor changes to enrolments much easier to deal with whilst still providing the ability to bulk enrol or un-enrol one or more users from any number of courses.

If you need more granular control over enrolments and perhaps already maintain a matrix style view of who you want enroled in what course then you'll find that we've also significantly changed how enrolments are handled via a user CSV upload. Enrolments are now split out into individual columns and this is mirrored in the CSV export so exporting, making changes and importing (or roundtripping) is now a breeze.

For all the details on how these two new features work check out the related articles on our support hub:

As ever our support team are on hand to help you navigate these changes but we'd also just love to hear how you get on with both new features so we can continue to build on these improvements and make managing your workplace training as easy as it can possibly be.