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How will Brexit affect the care industry?

A carer speaking to a resident - A screenshot from one of our care certificate courses

The looming uncertainty of Brexit - a weight on all business owners’ shoulders. We’ve already answered some FAQs surrounding Brexit, but today we want to cover how we believe it will affect the care sector.

Staffing shortages

In the short term, a lower value on the pound could see a squeeze on NHS funding, and realistically see carers’ wages at an all-time low.

This will make care jobs a lot less desirable, at a time when there is a huge shortage of care staff anyway. 

Caring for returning emigrants

There are nearly 200,000 people benefitting from an EU scheme which guarantees health care rights to those who live abroad - but a no-deal Brexit could lead to them losing that protection.

If a large percentage of these people return to the UK for care, they could find themselves struggling as there’s already a lack of care staff and a strain on services in the UK.

The good news

Brexit negotiations also have the potential for the UK to pursue new opportunities to improve health and social care regulations.

If the rules on medical competition were to be removed, the existing restrictions on collaboration between international health services could be lifted. This could potentially lead to speedier improvements for public health.


One of the practices that will keep its consistency after Brexit, is the high standard expected of organisations regarding Health & Safety. Health & Safety training will remain as important as ever - so make sure you continue training your staff well.

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