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The Horrors of eLearning! Halloween 2019

The horrors of elearning!

Another year, another fangtastic Creative Team day at iHASCO! This year we decided to do something a bit different, but eerily familiar. We asked 3 teams to make a horror themed eLearning course!

The aim of the day was to see how our team of creatives would interpret a script given to them; tasked with getting props, filming and editing their whole video in just 5 hours. Is that witchful thinking (I really hope you see what I’m doing here)?

trustpilot review for ihasco by Jacqui Chap

Prior to the day itself Mike, James and James scripted and recorded the skeleton over which the rest of the creatives were to drape their skins of creativity, pulling inspiration from Saw, The Blair Witch Project and Scream.

On the day, each team of two or three was given an introduction to their slide to set the scene. Then, reminiscent of our own presenters talking directly to camera, we provided them with a straight slide of narration, leaving their imaginations to run wild as they had to plan acted scenes and animation to accompany it. Then the teams were set loose with a modest budget for props and 5 hours to work their magic.

We reconvened in the afternoon to see what faboolously spooky work the teams had come up with. We were laughing ‘til we were coffin. 😉

trustpilot review for ihasco by Michael Murp
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