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Link critical policy and procedure documents to your training courses

Did you know that you can store critical policies and procedures on your LMS? Even better, you can assign policies & documents to specific courses and make them required reading for staff.

As a responsible person or employer you'd want to know, for example, that employees have seen and read your General Fire Notice or Staff Fire Notice, in addition to having completed their mandatory Fire Awareness training. By far the simplest way to do this and record that activity, is with our new Documents and policies module. Using this add-on module you can link your own businesses General Fire Notice or Staff Fire Notice to the Fire Awareness training course which your employees already have to complete. It's that simple! 

A Staff Fire Notice presented as required reading in the Fire Awareness training course
Employees can review linked documents directly within the associated training course.

Employees will be prompted to read this document prior to completing the test at the end of their Fire Awareness training. They must indicate that they have read and understood the document and this action is recorded against their profile in your LMS giving you peace of mind that all employees have seen this important information.

Confirm and read input
Employees are asked to confirm that they have read and understood documents you link to courses.

Other examples include:

  • Linking your data protection and privacy policy to your GDPR Training.
  • Linking your equal opportunities policy to your Equality & Diversity Training.

If you'd like to know more about this new add-on module or would like to add it to your own LMS don't hesitate to get in touch or contact your account manager.