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Free download: Health & Safety checklist for SMEs

Person completing Health & Safety checklist

Health & Safety does not have to be complicated. However, we understand that it can look like a daunting and confusing task from the outside, so that’s why we have created a straightforward Health & Safety checklist for SMEs. It's a great resource that employers and/or Health & Safety Managers can reference and use to help work towards compliance with current legislation. 

For most businesses, all that’s required is to conduct a series of straightforward, simple tasks.

Due to the variables that inevitably exist in each workplace, our list may not be definitive BUT - according to the HSE… 

… every employer with 5 or more staff MUST complete certain tasks, does your organisation complete these tasks?

Each task is explained in more detail further on in the document and we provide handy pointers on how you can check each task off your list. 

Our checklist considers: 

  • Providing the right training and information to staff 
  • Assessing and managing risks in your workplace 
  • First aid requirements 
  • Writing and updating policies 
  • Appointing a competent person
  • And more...

Download our Health & Safety checklist here