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Upcoming improvements to automated reminder emails

Over the next few weeks, we will be starting to roll out improvements to automated reminder emails as part of an ongoing effort to provide a more comprehensive service which takes care of driving completion of training by employees on your behalf.

We're undertaking a complete overhaul of our email automation features to significantly improve the effectiveness of our training completion and renewal reminder emails. Moving forwards automated emails will now inform your employees on a daily basis of any new enrollments and courses which have expired (on that given day) and a weekly digest will consolidate all of the existing reminders they used to receive into a single email which highlights any action required from them. These reminder emails will only be sent when there's action to be taken and will persist until a user has completed all of their oustanding actions.

Example weekly digest email
An example of the new weekly digest reminder emails an employee would receive if they had outstanding actions to complete.

We believe that this new consolidated approach to automated reminder emails will provide employees with much more clarity over what they need to do next and work much harder for you as a training administrator. In addition we're adding a snazzy new "Automation" view to "Insights" within the client LMS so you can keep track of the emails being sent and easily see which reminder features are enabled.

We're really excited to see this improved feature go live over the next few weeks. Right now we're staggering the roll out but if you'd like to see the benefits sooner rather than later then let your account manager know and we can bump you to the top of the list.