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End of support for customised automated emails

We're ending support for customised automated emails on Friday the 4th of October this year, just over 4 weeks from now.

If you are using customised automated emails we recommend that you transition any specific messaging included in these to our new 'custom content' feature which is available for all courses on your account. You can access this feature through your LMS via 'Settings > Course Settings > Course Title'. You'll then find a block on this page called 'Custom Content'.

By using 'custom content' for a course you can add both additional text which will appear in the certificate for that course and also custom text which will appear on successful completion of the course. This can be used to provide users with additional instructions at the time of completion, for example asking them to forward a certificate to HR or completing subsequent training which may reside elsewhere. 

We realise this may feel like a frustrating and unnecessary adjustment but it will allow us to usher in a much improved approach to automated emails which will consolidate all the individual reminders users currently receive into a single weekly and daily digest of courses requiring action.

On the 4th of October we will automatically revert all automated emails back to their default state and you will no longer be able to customise them. If you have any concerns about this change don't hesitate to speak with your account manager.

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