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We’re now officially named iHASCO!


What’s in a name?

Imagine living in a world where Maurice Micklewhite stars in The Italian Job, Walter Willison plays the lead in Die Hard, and Marion Morrison sets the standard for cowboy westerns. Imagine a world where Reg Dwight sings Tiny Dancer, Richard Starkey drums for The Beatles, or where David Evans plays guitar in a band with Paul Hewson. Imagine buying a polo shirt made by Ralph Lifshitz, reading Animal Farm by Eric Blair, and where, in order to find out who all these people are, you had to use a search engine called BackRub.

Whether it helps grab people’s attention, better encapsulates who you are, or just has a nicer ring to it, sometimes a name just has to change.

And so, just like the many great people and organisations before us who have benefitted from changing their name, it’s time to announce that we will be joining their ranks and changing our name also.

We are officially changing our name from iHASCO to iHASCO.

No, seriously!

Even though you know us as iHASCO and we’ve been operating under that name for quite some time now, we’ve always been officially registered as the Interactive Health and Safety Company Ltd. But as we’ve grown as a company, we’ve expanded beyond just offering Health & Safety training. Our library now boasts a range of HR Compliance and Soft Skills courses as well. So, we wanted to change our name to reflect this.

But rest assured, we’re still the same old iHASCO you’ve always known and we’re just as fantastic as ever (if not more so).