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Introducing version 2 of the iHASCO client API

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated client API available at its new home of where updated documentation can also be found. Whilst this is primarily an engineering release it does introduce a number of new features:

  • Flexible authentication to allow a wider range of applications to access the API (including your web browser)
  • Control over data that is returned - skip unwanted fields etc
  • Additional data for results, including dates on various events and download links for certificates
  • Nomenclature changes to align closer to the LMS

The new version is released as v2.0.0 and is a breaking change, meaning your existing integrations will need adjustment to work with the new data format. We have also made v1.5.0 available as a backwards-compatible release. Alternatively, v1.4.0 will continue to be available at the old location for the foreseeable future, but will not receive any more updates.

Your existing API access token will continue to work, please feel free to contact support if you have any issues. We look forward to using this new platform to bring you additional ways to work with your training data in due course.