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Tips to effectively drive usage of eLearning

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As a training administrator, it can be hard to find effective ways to drive usage of employees online training. Our aim at iHASCO is to make this process as easy as possible for you by providing concise, effective and engaging eLearning courses. But if you find that you are still struggling to get all employees on board with eLearning, our Account Managers are always here to help. 

Every single one of our clients, no matter how big or small, is assigned a personal dedicated Account Manager at iHASCO. Their job is to support you throughout your journey with us and make sure you get the most out of our services. Here are a few of them giving their top tips on how you can drive more usage of workplace training in your organisation. 

My number one top tip for getting people to use iHASCO training is regular email reminders. It increases activity by more than 50% in cases I’ve done recently with my clients!

Rachel Elson, Senior Account Manager

My number one tip to getting your staff to engage with the iHASCO system & get their courses to complete would be; invest time in the setup. The level of investment you put into the planning and preparation for the rollout will ultimately determine the benchmark standard set for all staff to follow. With the use of our support and insightful Account Managers, this can be done effectively and professionally.

James Lakeman, Senior Account Manager

My number one top tip to ensure people are doing the iHASCO training is to make sure everybody is involved in the monthly prize draw because let’s be honest, who doesn't want the chance at winning something for free?!

Ali Safarabadi, Account Manager

My number one top tip for getting people on iHASCO training would be to keep your staff lists up to date as much as you can. As long as your staff list is up to date, all of your refresher reminder emails will go out as and when they’re due, it’s really good to find your need with your credits, you can count how many of your staff haven't started training. The reason for this is if you’ve addressed all of the other features, the system will pretty much do the job for you.

Georgia Pyke, Account Manager

Incentivising learners

Have you seen our Incentivising learners page? We've been working hard to remove the negative stigma surrounding eLearning and we're winning... Find out how you can get your employees on board too, with free resources, eLearning competitions, demos and reminders!

If you're looking to drive more usage of training within your workplace, why not try some of the tips above or call your account manager directly today? They'll be more than happy to put a plan in place for you.

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