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How do we review our courses? And why is it important that we do?

The iHASCO review team
The iHASCO review team

We've been producing high-quality eLearning courses for over 10 years here at iHASCO. That’s why each and every one of our eLearning courses is reviewed in detail by our team. We want to ensure that our clients are happy with the quality of every course and the content within them. It’s a process that’s served us very well over the years. We all sit down together and view a course as a 'user' on a big TV - offering our praise and constructive criticism where it's needed. Three questions that we always have in mind are: Is it engaging? Is it simple? Is it useful?

Take a look at our internal review of our Modern Slavery Awareness training... 

Reviewing our Modern Slavery Course

In this review the team discussed: 

  • Figures appearing on screen - Alex pointed out that there were some really resonating statistics read out by the presenter, but that they didn't appear on the screen, which would have more of an impact. 
  • Schoolgirl "too happy" - Alex also pointed out that a particular school girl's facial expression (that was among many other faces on screen) was probably too smiley and happy for the scene in question, and in comparison to the other victims. Alex had his hawk eyes on!
  • Is the narrator too happy? - Elaine also pointed out that, in a certain slide, the presenter seemed too 'happy' for the course subject. This opens up the choice to use a different take, or cut away to graphics instead.
  • An incredible "documentary" feel and special scene - "When I watched that very first intro slide, I was thinking 'I am really engaged by this' and it felt like I could have been watching something on TV"! That was how Nathan described the opening slide to the course. The team were blown away by a scene where the perpetrator looks down on his slave victims, who are all sat on squares of a human-sized chessboard.
  • Being more informed - The review came to a close with both Brad and Nathan saying that they felt far more informed about modern slavery as a result of watching the course... education is the key!

"I love how the course opens up one's eyes - not just to potential modern slavery within your own business - but also within your supply chain and the people who you outsource work to etc..."

- Nathan

"I suppose what I'm trying to say is - before we started filming this I didn't really know how I could have done anything about it [Modern Slavery]. But now I definitely do, so we've done the right thing!"

- Bradley

Our course reviews fit in perfectly with one of our core values at iHASCO - Seek Constant Improvement. These reviews provide a great way for the team to pick out the parts of the course that they love and also the parts that need to be tweaked, which not only allows our team to improve going forward but it also means that our clients are given a course that has been made with a whole lot of dedication and love!