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How Stress Awareness Training can have a big impact on your organisation

How Stress Awareness Training can have a big impact on your organisation

What costs £94,000,000,000 and is responsible for over 15,000,000 lost working days each year in the UK? It's poor mental health, including stress. But there's a simple way for organisations of all sizes to combat stress in the workplace; practical solutions for managing, reducing and removing stress in the workplace are all wrapped up in our IOSH Approved Stress Awareness Training. Effective training for your employees doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming or boring! Ask us for a free trial of the course today and see just how good our course is for yourself... 

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Our training has helped over 85,000 people become more aware of stress in both themselves and in their colleagues. Check out just a handful of our reviews below...

This was exactly the right time for me to do this course as it has allowed me to understand my stress (both in and out of the workplace) and implement some of the very useful advice, tips and strategies. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Susan Bain

This course gave me lots of information to help my self and others I know to cope with stress and life. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Patricia Andrew
What are your stress relief techniques?

Workplace stress statistics that might surprise you 

  • 85% of adults experience stress regularly 
  • 39% of adults admit they feel too stressed on a daily basis 
  • The most common causes of stress are money, health and work 
  • Stress is more prominent in public service industries, like education, care and public administration 

What makes our Stress Awareness Training the best around? 

Our course has been audited and approved by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and can be completed on any device in just 30 minutes. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of stress, how to identify it in yourself and in others and it also provides actionable tips on how to reduce and prevent stress. It's stunning graphics and animations keep learners engaged throughout and upon completing a 20 question test at the end of the course, learners will receive their certificate. The course is suitable for all levels of staff in all industries and also works perfectly alongside our range of Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing courses

You can trial up to three of our courses at any time, without any obligations... 

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