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Upcoming improvements to custom email templates

Over the next few weeks, we will be starting to roll out improvements to custom email templates as part of an ongoing effort to provide a more consistent look and feel across email communication, improve readability and reduce false positives from phishing and/or spam filters.

What will these new email templates look like?

We think the new email templates look great and they've been thoroughly tested with a wide variety of email clients to ensure good readability regardless of whether they're picked up on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

We've also taken the opportunity to design these email templates to automatically accommodate any custom branding you have applied to your LMS so that you'll no longer need to manually create custom HTML email templates in order to incorporate your branding.

Screenshot of new email templates.
The new email templates look great in all major email clients!

What else is changing?

We're simplifying the options available around creating your own custom email templates to ensure that the emails which we send on your behalf are always readable across a variety of devices and don't fall foul of some of the most recognisable traits of a phishing or spam email.

As a result, we'll be phasing out support for HTML and CSS in custom email templates and adding support for Markdown. This makes it really quick and easy to create email templates which include simple formatting and links. We then take care of wrapping the text based templates you've created in a lovely header and footer.

Simplifying the options for custom email templates has also given us the opportunity to improve the 'Compose email' screen so that you can load a template and edit it on the fly rather than having to create templates for every single little scenario.

How does this affect me?

If you've created custom email templates on your account we'll be contacting you directly via email to notify you when you can start migrating these to the new improved email templates. In the interim they will continue to work as previously but we hope to switch off the HTML email template option in the coming weeks.