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FGM Awareness & Prevention - An essential course for schools and carers

A screenshot from our FGM Awareness & Prevention Training course

This May, we’re releasing our Female Genital Mutilation Awareness & Prevention Training course for school staff and carers.

According to the NHS, over a three month period last year in the UK, 1,745 individual women and girls were subject to an FGM procedure or had one identified, and these are only the ones we know about because they sought medical help.

So, our course is a simple but crucial step towards helping to eradicate it.

What is FGM?

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an inhumane practice whereby girls and young women have their genitals changed, injured or removed for non-medical reasons. It is illegal in the UK.

FGM is typically carried out in an unsterile environment by a female member of a woman’s family/community without painkillers. So, in addition to causing future health complications, it is a very traumatic experience that causes immediate harm and it can even be fatal.

Victims of FGM are normally between 4 to 8 years old but can be as young as newborns to women in young adulthood.

Our CPD Accredited course will help you identify potential cases of FGM and how to support the victim, and also trains you on how to spot the warning signs and to prevent FGM from taking place.

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Online FGM Awareness & Prevention Training course