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New registration and log-in options for training suite users

As an LMS administrator you've always had to choose between enabling self registration for your training suite users OR manual user import, however for various reasons (that I won't bore you with) using passwords for training suite access was exclusive to 'manual user import' and could not be used when self registration was enabled.

From today password protection is no longer exclusive to a specific registration method and we've also added 'moderated self registration' as a third option, this gives you even more flexibility in how you manage your training suite users. You'll find these new options within the LMS  'Settings / Security' screen.

LMS registration method
New training suite registration method options in the iHASCO LMS.

Should you choose to enable moderated self registration then as the account owner you will be notified by email when someone registers for access to your training suite via your normal training suite URL. When you log-in to the LMS you will see a new tab within the 'Users' view which lists users with a 'pending' state. Simply approve or delete these users. If approved they will receive an email advising them they their registration has been approved.

It's that simple! 😊

For a complete list of all the changes included in this update please refer to the release notes. We hope you enjoy this new aspect of our product and as ever, our customer support team are always on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

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