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Avoiding LMS overkill - Choosing the right LMS for your business

A screenshot of iHASCO's simple, yet effective Learning Management System

In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, organisations often feel obliged to keep their teams up to speed with the latest and best technologies available. This is no different when it comes to choosing a Learning Management System.

What is LMS overkill? 

The majority of Learning Management Systems will provide your core features, such as user management, course assigning, analytics etc.. but many training managers are attracted to or feel obliged to select an LMS that has all of the advanced, 'shiny' features and after all, why wouldn't they? On the outside, they seem glamorous and are advertised as the LMS "you need"! So, why not just go for the one with the largest number of features, or the one with the coolest features, or the one that the leader in your industry is using?

Because you'll likely end up with an LMS that is too complicated to implement, has a number of features that you'll never use and a bunch of confused learners. That's what is meant by 'LMS overkill', put simply, choosing a system that has too many unnecessary features for your organisation.

“The world is full of people who will help you manufacture tornados in order to blow out a match.”

Shaun Hick

How do I know what LMS is right for my organisation? 

In order to find out which LMS is right for your organisation, you need to think about the problem you're trying to solve. If you're introducing eLearning to help your organisation work towards legislative compliance, then you won't need an LMS with all of the bells and whistles, ultimately you need good reporting functions to help you understand who has completed their training and who hasn't. 

If you're looking to reduce a skill gap within your organisation, then it's likely you'll need an LMS that has all of those advanced features such as gamification and learning paths to name a few. 

Other things that you'll need to consider include: 

  • Who is the LMS/eLearning for?
  • What is the size of the learning group?
  • How is the content created? Will it already be provided? 


It's safe to say that our LMS has come a long way in recent years! Nobody wants to spend hours configuring a complicated enterprise level LMS, especially when it's not needed! We like to keep things simple at iHASCO and so we give you the features you need, without the unnecessary complication of those that you don't.

You can see an extensive list of our LMS and Training Suite features here and keep up to date with our LMS developments here.

A screenshot of our LMS' user view


The conclusion is simple, don't dive into the deep end when choosing your LMS, often, the simplest solution will be the best solution!

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Leonardo da Vinci

It's important to remember, however, that an LMS is just one part of your training solution. Your training culture, content quality and implementation of training are all important factors in your training journey.  

At iHASCO, we're proud to provide an eLearning solution based upon interactive, engaging training and a simple but effective Learning Management System. If you're interested, why not request a demo or try it for free today?

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