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How some of our clients help protect the environment

Image demonstrating an organisations carbon footprint

Whilst producing our new Environmental Awareness course, we asked some of our clients how they have become more environmentally friendly over the years. Some of the responses were fairly simple, some were genius, but ALL helped us to form some of the course! 

RedDotCorp - Water saving urinals 

Red Dot have installed simple electronic timers to their urinals and managed to cut down on water usage by 98% That equates to about £3000 worth of wasted water per year! Incredible!  

Farleigh Hospice - The Green Team & big clearout days

Farleigh Hospice have a dedicated Green Team who have clearout days, whereby staff and volunteers clear out offices, cupboards and unwanted stationery. Unwanted equipment is offered up for reuse, documents are sent for shredding and recycling boxes were introduced. Great work! 

"The first thing any workplace needs to implement any Environmental plan is the buy-in from Senior management, we are very lucky that our Chief Executive supports what the group does wholeheartedly." 

Ryde School - Battery collections 

"We collect small batteries. Kids actually bring them in from home and we take them to recycle. In our Nursery (Fiveways) we have a fun machine that allows the children to test them before disposing of them: many batteries for recycling often are not flat and can be reused!"

A great way to get the kids involved in recycling! 

Woodstock Day Nursery - Using tyres as planters in the garden 

Woodstock Day Nursery use old tyres in their gardens as planters and seats for children...

"We are a Day Nursery and we recycle shoes, milk bottle tops (families collect for us) and use tyres in the garden as planters and seats so they do need to be disposed of by the garage/airport."

Momentum - What don't they do?! 

Momentum sent us a HUGE list of things they do to help protect the environment. Here are just some of the things they do... show-offs 😉! 

  • Set the photocopier to default to double-sided printing.

  • Set up an office paper-recycling scheme.  The white paper is of a high grade and so is in demand from the paper industry. 

  • Use refillable ink cartridges and buy recycled cartridges.

  • Wherever possible use public transport, if this is not possible liaise with other colleges when going to meetings with the aim of car sharing.

  • Computers - Switch off computers at night and weekends.  If you switch the monitor off when it is not being used (e.g. lunchtime) and activate standby options, energy consumption can be cut by 90% a year.  Forget a screensaver – most don’t save energy, only the screen phosphors.

We hope some of the ideas here have inspired you to make changes in your workplace and remember that even the smallest changes can make a HUGE difference. 

A massive thank you to everyone who got in touch with us, sadly we couldn't include everyone in this blog but we appreciate the effort nonetheless!