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How you can become a ‘Green Shopper’

How you can become a green shopper

It’s the small changes in our environmentally-damaging habits that will make a giant impact on the preservation of our wonderful world.

For example, though it may not be obvious, shopping can have huge implications for the environment. It can lead to an increase in littering, produce extra waste, and even increase air pollution - all those delivery trucks need fossil fuels to get from A to B.

So here are a few ways you can begin to transform into a ‘Green Shopper’ to play a part in protecting our planet.

Be environmentally aware

Simply put: you must have an understanding of the damage to the environment that your shopping habits cause.

Every day, our actions as a species are having a dramatic effect on the planet and the other species we share it with. It is our duty as human beings to take note of these changes - and to take action.

By knowing what is good for the environment and what damages it, we can begin to make decisions that impact it positively.

Use environmentally friendly alternatives

As we mentioned above, it’s the small changes to our shopping habits that will make a huge impact on the preservation of the planet. Here are a few environmentally-friendly alternatives you could consider the next time you go shopping:

  • Buy coffee bags instead of plastic coffee filters
  • Avoid plastic bags - use a ‘Bag for Life’ or paper bags
  • Use metal straws or paper straws instead of plastic
  • Avoid buying small bottles of drink
  • Use public transport to go shopping, and remember
  • Tis’ the season to buy recyclable wrapping paper

For further insight on reducing your carbon footprint, try our Environmental Awareness Training course. Claim your free trial today!

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