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Avoiding absences with effective manual handling eLearning

Man carrying a box using good manual handling techniques

A lack of Manual Handling Training could be responsible for around roughly 10% of all injuries in the workplace. Manual handling was estimated to be one of the main causes of work-related musculoskeletal disorders prior to the pandemic, and potentially the cause of over 162,000 new cases of musculoskeletal disorders in 2020/21.

Every employee in every company should have effective Manual Handling Training and it doesn’t have to be boring, time-consuming or expensive! Just ask us for a free trial of our course below and you can see just how simple sorting your training out with iHASCO really is!

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Our Manual Handling Training course is one of our best-selling courses, with over 16,000 user reviews! Check out just a handful of our reviews below…

iHASCO Manual Handling Training Review
iHASCO Manual Handling Training Review

You can check out all of our Trustpilot reviews here, where we score an ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.8/5!

Why is Manual Handling Training important?

Manual handling courses are essential to protect your staff and save your business money by avoiding days off work. eLearning courses are a great solution, providing simple and effective training in-house and at a time that suits you and your staff.

Sometimes it is difficult to calculate the cost of staff absence or link it to one particular event. When someone has time off you are probably paying someone who isn't there, you have work not completed or late, or colleagues covering tasks they are not familiar with and having to increase their workload; or having to pay for temporary staff to cover.

A lot of time off is avoidable and learning good lifting technique through good manual handling training can help prevent common musculoskeletal injuries - thus avoiding injury and thereby saving your company money!

Here's a short snippet from our training course that demonstrates how good posture is key to preventing injuries...

What is the Power Zone?

What makes our Manual Handling Training the best around?

Our course is split into 4 easy-to-follow sections that can all be completed in just 35 minutes. Our graphics, animations and tests keep learners focused throughout and you can rest assured knowing that you’ve supplied your staff with training that is of an IOSH Approved standard. Learners also receive certificates upon completion of the course so individuals and organisations can show their commitment to current legislation. This training is more than just a tick-box exercise, it engages the learner, provokes thoughts, and most importantly creates a positive behavioural change!

Proper manual handling is actually quite simple, often it's a matter of not diving straight in but pausing to stop and think first.  Good manual handling courses teach the LITE system, which stands for Load, Individual, Task and Environment. These are the four things that need to be considered BEFORE lifting something. Load refers to the object itself, how heavy it is, what shape it is and so on; individual refers to you and your abilities, health and strength; the task is what you want to do with the object, and the environment means where you are.

This short training course emphasises the simplicity of proper manual handling and provides users with all the knowledge they need to prevent an injury as a result of poor manual handling.

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