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Improved LMS user import

We've been gradually rolling out some improvements to how we handle user imports in the LMS. Previously if you wanted to import a large number of users that had to done be via a CSV file with precisely name column titles, otherwise... it didn't work. That wasn't great!

We've significantly improved that process this week by adding a new 'mapping' step to the import process. This means you can import from any CSV file with any number of columns with or without column titles and we'll provide you with a graphical interface that you can use to map (or match) columns in your CSV file to user profile fields in your LMS account.

Direct import from the text area is also improved... that can now include any number of columns (comma seperated) and will lead you to the same mapping screen to confirm where you want you data to end up before we import it. We're also doing a much better job of taking care of duplicate and invalid email addresses found during import to reduce the friction associated with importing or updating users in bulk.

Just as before you can still 'round trip' with an export from the users view and finally, you can now import users with just an email address. This makes getting up and running simpler than ever, users will simply be prompted to provide their first and last name at first log-in.

We hope you enjoy these new improvements and as ever contact our support team if you have any questions. 😊