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5 tips to evaluate the effectiveness of your eLearning programmes

When it comes to workplace eLearning, specifically Health & Safety and HR Compliance eLearning, the goal is to improve employee knowledge and understanding of a particular subject so that they can do their job better and do so safely. Out of date, incorrect and even boring or unengaging training can do serious damage, so it is always important to make sure you are up-to-date and that your learners are engaged.

Training should also have a long-lasting impact on employees. It's not just about tracking an employee's course progress. Gathering reviews and openly discussing the training should be encouraged so that you can get a feel for just how effective the training is

To evaluate your current training programmes and ensure your employees reach their full potential, try these 5 tips...

Make Sure Your Training Is Up To Date

Industry policy and legislation can change frequently, which is sometimes hard for a company to keep up with. Depending on your company's style of training and your provider, you might use reviews to help deal with these changes. Either way, you should have at least one person within the company whose responsibility is to make sure that everyone's training is up to date and relevant. This means employers or training administrators should review their employee's training on a regular basis. 

Regular compliance with these programs is essential. Investing in training for employees is always worthwhile. Also, employees that aren't as up to date may feel they aren't open to the same opportunities as others. It’s strongly recommended that you choose a provider who updates their courses in line with legislative updates.

Check Employees Retention

Obviously, training needs to be renewed whenever appropriate to keep up to date with changes in policy and legislation. But frequently doing a full audit of all staff may seem a bit excessive if you trust your staff to keep up to date by themselves. So brief quizzes on important and critical topics could be useful for both employers and employees, just as a refresher. Taking it a step further, failure on these small quizzes could result in employees having to retake the original training, which may be a driving force for employees to absorb the information taken in on courses. Choose a provider that includes tests at the end of a course. 

Learn from Success & Failures of Others

Every week, companies within various industries are fined for Health & Safety and HR Compliance breaches, often because their employees have not had proper training. Keeping up to date with industry news can make you aware of others' mistakes and help you avoid the same pitfalls. 

On the plus side, we can also learn from the success of others. Looking at what effective training is in place and adopting similar approaches where others have had success. Looking at other similar organisations and the training they use could be beneficial to finding the right fit for your company. 

Survey Employees

By taking surveys with your employees you can see if the training that they are taking is relevant to the job roles they perform. Job roles can change all the time, which means that the training an employee receives should too. As well as not getting the training they need, they might be doing training they don't need to do!

Make it Enjoyable

Often, training can be quite a serious topic but just because it’s serious, doesn't mean that the way you are learning can't be fun! When choosing the right training, consider that needs and requirements of your employees. Try to find out what has or hasn’t worked for other companies in your field. 

Training should be as fun and interactive as possible! People should be engaged and the training should be thought-provoking. There should be a positive behavioural change and people should have walked away feeling like they have learnt something. 

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