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What are the benefits of a staff handbook?

Benefits of a staff handbook

Having a staff handbook is the perfect way to set out clear expectations for behaviour and conduct that is expected of employees in the workplace.

It outlines what you want from them and also what they can expect from you, as the employer. This could range from anything between how much notice staff need to give for holiday requests and what dress code is expected.

It should also contain your company policies, which will protect you if any problems were to occur in the workplace.

Additionally, you want your employees to know which staff members/managers they should turn to for advice regarding certain topics - the staff handbook is a great place to display the email addresses of the HR manager, the leader of each department, and even IT assistance. This could also be paired with a picture so that employees know what faces to look out for when they do need assistance.

If your business has more than 5 employees, we would highly recommend that you have a staff handbook.