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The 4 Ds of Stress

The 4 Ds of Stress

Feeling overwhelmed by a whopping workload is an issue that commonly causes stress in the workplace. It can leave you feeling angry at the person that may have shifted some of their work over to you, or even nervous that you may not complete it all for the deadline.

However, effective time management techniques can help with your efficiency at work and leave you with a bit of spare time to catch your breath.

A simple tool

When it comes to prioritising, there’s a strategy you can use called the “4 Ds”, and they go a little something like this:

  • Delete. Is there anything you’re worried about that isn’t necessary? Remove it. Sometimes it’s about learning to say ‘no’.
  • Defer. What isn’t so urgent? Can it wait until later? Sometimes it’s about saying ‘not now.’
  • Delegate. Can you ask for help or have someone take a task from you to lighten the load? Then,
  • Do. Focus on the most urgent or worrisome task and get it done. You’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders when you get it out of the way.

Even for something as simple as organising a full inbox, the 4 Ds method is great at cutting out any time you would normally spend overthinking!

Online Stress Awareness Training

Here at iHasco, we offer an Online Stress Awareness Training course that covers how to understand, identify, reduce, and prevent stress in your workplace.

This CPD Accredited course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and when finished, you will be taken to a 20 question test that will provide you with a printable certificate upon completion.

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