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What your dreams say about your stress levels

What your dreams say about your stress levels

Sleep is a time for physical and mental restoration. However, stress dreams force our stress levels to shoot up way higher than before, preventing us from recharging and keeping a clear head during the day.

If you experience stress dreams, you’re definitely not alone. But what are the most common stress dreams, and what do they say about your stress levels?

Falling Dreams

If you experience a dream about falling freely through the sky, this might be pointing out that you are in a situation that you fear is heading to the bottom.

You might have experienced a situation that has gotten much worse over time, so you’ll feel as if it is spiralling downwards and out of your control. This type of stress dream signifies a lack of security.

Losing something important/valuable

If you dream about losing something which has some importance to you, or an item that you value, like your wallet/purse or some cherished jewellery, it may indicate that you are stressing over losing grip on what’s important in your life.

You might have a feeling of loss or you may be worried that you’re not giving as much attention to some things as you should.

Being chased

Many people regularly have dreams about running away from something, even if they have no idea what they’re running from.

The interpretation of this stress dream is often based on what’s chasing you. However, if you are running, it may mean that you’re trying to avoid something in your life. And maybe you think it’s time to face it and come to terms with it.

Being late for a meeting

Another common stress dream involves missing a flight or arriving very late to work.

If you’ve had dreams associated with not being able to make it on time, it is likely that you feel unprepared for significant steps you're about to take in your life.

To conclude

Although it’s nice to identify the cause of your stress dreams, trying to decipher them won’t stop them from happening. You should focus instead on what’s happening in your daily life that can be altered to stop the stress dreams from occurring.

There are many activities that allow you to get to the source of your stress and resources to teach you how you can take action to rectify your situation.

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