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Introducing the new and improved Stress Awareness V2!

Faces to represent how stress can affect your moods - Stress Awareness v2

Our Stress Awareness Training course has long been one of our most popular courses, but back in May, it turned 6 years old and we felt that it was slightly overdue an update, so we've been working hard to deliver you with a stunning new course!

Why is noticing stress amongst employees important? 

Because stress is the most common workplace illness. It's estimated that around 526,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related stress or anxiety, which equates to just over 12.5 million working days lost each year. 

Stress has been proven to affect concentration levels and can have an adverse effect on a persons work. If you spot signs of stress in a person early enough, you should be able to give them the support they need and reduce their stress levels - 9 times out of 10 there will always be a solution! That's what our new course is all about, it's packed with handy pointers on identifying stress, understanding what causes it and most importantly, how to prevent it. 

A sneak preview...

Imagine you’re on this little boat out on the water. Your day starts well, you’re floating comfortably and you know what you need to get done today.

But then something unexpected pops up...

Stress Awareness - 'The little boat'

On a slightly different note - if you’ve tried and failed to convince your family that it’s time to get a dog - use this to argue your case! It turns out that our pets are actually some of the best stress-busters out there...

Stress Awareness - How pets can help reduce stress levels

Would you be able to able to spot and reduce stress levels in your workplace? 

It's fairly easy to know when you're stressed out, but being able to spot and prevent stress in others is a whole different ballgame. 

Get free trial access to our Stress Awareness Training at any time and see how we can help your staff become stress aware... the simple way. 

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