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Stress Awareness Quiz

Statistics show there are around 526,000 cases of work-related stress in Great Britain each year, and nearly 12.5 million working days are lost because of it - which equates to over 3 weeks for each case! So it's clear to see that stress in the workplace is rather common.

Have a go at our Online Stress Awareness Quiz and see how you get on! Do you score top marks? Or do you need to refresh your knowledge on stress awareness?


Stress Awareness Training

Didn't get the best of results? Or took a while to answer the questions? Then our Online Stress Awareness Training course is perfect for you! Our CPD Approved course takes roughly 30 minutes to complete and has a huge selection of course translations readily available!

With all-new graphics & animation and up-to-date content, our Online Stress Awareness Training is the best of its kind! Don't believe us? Claim your free trial today!

"An easy to follow and informative course, with lots of relevant information, particularly the signs and symptoms that may not be perceived to be signs of stress."

Carol Gray

Online Stress Awareness Training