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Got GDPR related questions? Let us know! (GDPR Q&A)

The GDPR, like most pieces of good legislation, is pretty unclear. Our training does a great job at clearing things up and making sense of it all but inevitably, people will always be curious as to how certain aspects of the legislation relates to their own organisation. That's why we're going to have a Q&A session with our very own in-house GDPR Expert, James Kelly! 

James wrote both of our GDPR courses, which by the way, have now been completed by over 50,000 people! James will also be speaking at this year's Great British Business Show about GDPR Myths and Misconceptions! James has also written a series of blogs explaining these misconceptions. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can find them below:

  1. Small organisations are exempt from the GDPR - false
  2. I just need to buy expensive software and we’ll be covered - false
  3. We must hire a Data Protection Officer (DPO) - false
  4. We don’t process any personal data, so the GDPR doesn’t apply to us - false

GDPR Q&A Session with James Kelly

James Kelly - Official GDPR speaker at this weeks Business Show

We'll be sitting down soon with James Kelly and grilling him with your questions! The deadline for entries is the 21st of May, so be sure to get them in quickly! 

Once finished, we'll be sending out a summary video to keep you informed. If you give us consent, we'll also feature your name and organisation name in our video!

Attending the Business Show? Don't miss James' talk, which takes place on Wednesday at 15:30. He'll also be at our stand, number 730, from 11 AM onwards should you have any questions for him! 

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In order to write our GDPR courses, I had to first understand what it’s all about. This was no simple task. The regulations themselves are – like any good piece of legislation – pretty unclear. So, I needed to also read lots of secondary literature; I’ve read more articles, blogs, and industry guidance, and had more conversations with colleagues, friends and…just about anyone who’ll listen, than I care to mention.

James Kelly, Scriptwriter and in-house GDPR Expert
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