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Major improvements to Translated Courses

You can now translate our eLearning courses easily!

While we've offered foreign language course translations for a while here at iHasco we've never really been happy with how these are delivered to end users in the training suite and reported on within the LMS. To date our translated content has existed as a 'standalone' course devoid of any attachment to the original English language version.

We decided it was about time things changed so we've been working hard to consolidate translated content with the parent course and make translations better for both the end user and you as a client.

So how does this affect end-users? 

For end users, this means that translations are a 'feature' of a course as opposed to a standalone piece of content, within the LMS your users will be able to select their language preference at any time and see both the training suite user interface and course transcripts change to reflect that. This means you no longer have to worry about users completing a course in the wrong language (hoorah!).

LMS improvements

Back in the LMS things are improved too, you'll see your results for a course which is available in multiple languages in one single view as opposed to a separate view for each language version. This massively simplifies reporting and makes it much easier for you to understand who's done what.

With all of these changes and improvements to translations, we've decided to broaden the range of courses offered in alternate languages. From now on we are going to start working to machine translate all of our courses into the ten most requested languages. These will be made available at no extra cost through the training suite as and when they become available. Our paid for 'human translation' service is still available if you have staff that need a more complete, alternate language offering.

We're really excited to bring you these improvements and look forward to delivering many more of our courses in alternate languages in the future. As ever, if you have any queries or concerns don't hesitate to contact our support team. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! 😊