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The making of our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

The making of our Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

For the first section of the course, I decided to focus on how the victim might feel at the moment they were treated inappropriately.

I devised a style that would feature single slow-motion live action shots to represent a moment in time.

Instead of using stock imagery, we felt it was important to make our own original material for this sensitive subject. So to make it all happen, my first task was to storyboard the shots, plan the camera angles and hire actors for filming in the studio.

The scenarios were filmed in a green screen studio – my intention was to put in the backgrounds afterwards using graphics and compositing. We used slow-motion photography with a track to slide the camera along.

Once I had the green screen footage I needed to make the backgrounds that would be inserted in place of the green. I carefully matched 3d graphic backgrounds to each of the shots. For some of the shots, the studio camera had been moving, so I camera tracked each shot to make sure the 3d backgrounds matched the movement of the real camera. 

With the 3d backgrounds complete, I composited them into the green screen shots. This involved keying out the green from the shots, grading the colours and adding blurs and shadows where necessary. The text was also added to some of the scenes.

The finished effect worked well. Hopefully, if I did my work successfully, the actors and backgrounds seem fully integrated!

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