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GDPR FAQs - Episode 4: How does the GDPR affect Small Businesses?

In Episode 4 of our GDPR FAQ Series, Cathrine Ripley explores how the GDPR affects small businesses. 

How does the GDPR affect small businesses? 

GDPR - How does the GDPR affect small businesses?

The GDPR itself doesn't distinguish between different sizes of business, so the new rules will apply to businesses and other organisations (so charities and other not-for-profit organisations) equally, irrespective of their size, however, when one comes to actually applying the rules to different types and sizes of business, there may be differences in the way those rules are applied. For example, a small business is likely to have less personal data, fewer employees, fewer customers, more simplistic IT systems, so although the rules will still apply, actually how they are applied will be more simplistic and easier than for say a large international tech company, where inevitably the application of the rules will be different altogether.

Cathrine Ripley

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