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GDPR FAQs - Episode 1: What’s the difference between a ‘Data Processor’ and a ‘Data Controller’?

As part of our 'off-thread resources' for our GDPR for Management course, we had Solicitor and GDPR Specialist, Cathrine Ripley, come into the studio to answer some GDPR related questions. 

*Please note that these clips are not a direct representation of our eLearning courses, they are simply 'additional resources' put together for optional, further learning. 

So, what is a 'Data Controller'?

What is a Data Controller?

"A data controller will usually be an organisation, which controls or effectively owns personal data, so it will be the organisation which can make the decisions about the data in terms of what is collected and what is done with it"

Cathrine Ripley

And what is a 'Data Processor'? 

What is a Data Processor?

"A data processor is again an organisation, which deals with data in accordance with the instructions of a data controller"

Cathrine Ripley

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