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Road Safety Week 2019

Road Safety Week at iHASCO

For the year ending June 2018, there were:

  • 1,770 reported road deaths
  • 26,610 people killed or seriously injured
  • 165,100 casualties of all severities, a decrease of 6%

And the worst part is that these deaths are often preventable. November 18th marks the beginning of Road Safety Week. This week aims to inspire people to promote road safety and life-saving messages. This year's theme is “Step up for Safe Streets”.

This theme aims to inspire people to shout about and celebrate solutions to help people get around in health and safe ways. Looking at safety technology in vehicles, speed limits, ensuring cycling/walking doesn’t increase the risk of injury and make sure we all play a part in these solutions. 

Find out more about the campaign on the road safety week website…

Driver Awareness | Cyclists & Motorcyclists | iHASCO

Preventing Road Accidents

One of the main causes of injury on the road is speeding. It can often be tempting to drift above the speed limit from time to time; maybe you’re in a rush, or it’s not very busy, or you’ve watched The Fast and The Furious a few too many times, but driving just a few miles an hour over the speed limit can mean the difference between stopping in time, or killing a pedestrian. It may sound dramatic, but it's true.

Another worrying cause of injury and death on UK roads is drivers being distracted. This might be by using mobile phones whilst driving. Harsher fines and penalties were introduced to deter drivers from using mobile phones, but unless they are hidden from the driver's view, the temptation to look at the phone will always be there. Research shows that you are 4 times more likely to crash if you use, or are distracted by, your phone whilst driving. But drivers may also be distracted by other things such as food, other people, sat navs and more…

Although most people know this one, it’s worth mentioning. Drink driving is illegal (as well as using drugs while driving) and reduces your ability to drive safely. 

Our Driver Awareness Course is perfect those driving as part of a commercial fleet or for those who regularly go 'offsite' as part of their job. If you're interested in our course, you can try it for free at any time.

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