Have you heard of IOSH WORK 2022?



The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the largest Health & Safety membership organisation in the world. The institution sets high standards and offer their specialist judgement on Health & Safety training courses, such as iHasco’s.

IOSH have recently announced their plans on how they’ll shape the future of Health & Safety in the workplace. They have labelled their campaign IOSH WORK 2022 as that’s when they aim to achieve their goal. The movement has three broad aims: Enhance, Collaborate, and Influence.


This part of the movement is designed to encourage individuals to pursue a career in the Health & Safety sector and to put this career choice in an attractive light. They plan on doing this by offering new qualifications, initiating a professional development programme, and by initiating a ‘future leaders’ programme for younger people.


IOSH aim to work hand-in-hand with organisations and their representatives in an effort to create good Health & Safety at work. They want to build new formal relationships with existing businesses, and they want to provide a model for organisations to abide by, which includes a collection of all of IOSH’s expertise, experience and skills.


IOSH’s ‘influence programme’ has a desire to use all of their current knowledge to build a model for organisations to engage with from all over the world.

A summary of WORK 2022

IOSH’s WORK 2022 ambitions are very clear. They have put some strategic methods in place that they believe are the stepping stones to a safer workplace for everyone. They are calling on other organisations to help them achieve this goal, stating that “no one organisation can transform the world of work in five years on its own”. Despite this, IOSH assure us that they will do everything in their power to support their members, collaborate with partners, and influence organisations on a global scale to build an empire of established safe workplaces for a healthier future for working people.

iHasco & IOSH

iHasco have a long-standing partnership with IOSH - in fact, we were one of the first eLearning providers to be able to offer IOSH reassurance! Our partnership was recently strengthened with the licence renewal of 12 courses, in addition to obtaining licences for a further 9 courses!

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IOSH Work 2022