Have You Checked Out Our ‘V2’ Courses Yet?


Our Fire Awareness Version 2 graphics

Have you seen our new Version 2 courses yet? If so, great! If you haven't, you're in the right place...

Which Courses Have Been Updated to V2's?

We've started off with some of our most popular courses so that we can maximise the amount of users that get access to our brilliant new courses. These include:

Take a look at our Fire Awareness Training V2 course overview video here: 

Fire Awareness V2

What Makes Our V2 Courses So Great? 

Our users asked us for shorter courses, without losing any of the key information, so we've created highly flexible learning! 

Time reduction!

Our version 2 courses are now much shorter for your convenience and they still contain all of the vital information that you require! Examples of this include our Fire Awareness Training which has seen its completion time reduced to just 30 minutes from 45 minutes and our Fire Warden Training has seen its completion time halved, from 80 minutes to 40 minutes! 

Updated graphics

Thanks to our highly skilled creative team, we've been able to drastically improve the graphics and animations that are used in our courses. In addition to this, we now use two presenters to maximise engagement!

Additional resources

You now have complete control on how much you choose to learn about a specific topic within a course. If you're strapped for time, then you can complete our course as quickly as possible. If you want to learn more about a specific topic then you can do so with our brilliant new additional resources feature. This feature allows you to access both internal (iHasco produced) and external resources to help aid your knowledge in a particular field.