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Behind the Scenes: Drug and Alcohol Awareness

The hardest thing about Drug and Alcohol awareness is getting past WHAT WE THINK WE ALREADY KNOW!

Our everyday experiences outweigh what the 'experts' tell us to do, so, we at iHasco, are looking at it with a balanced view, starting with a few myths!

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Behind the Scenes Myths and Legends

The difference between what people do and what is advisable can be a real eye-opener!

We can't pretend to be any different, so, it's all about AWARENESS.

Our substance abuse programme is about putting forward the facts and then suggesting ways of helping and supporting people who want to make a change.

FIVE PINTS of BEER makes the chances of having an accident 30 times greater

Some myths are TRUE.

Some myths are FALSE!

Alcohol warms you up in cold weather - FALSE

This programme has now been released. It's time to celebrate, maybe with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit!

For more information see our Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training.