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Drug and Alcohol Awareness, a NEW and essential course for EVERYONE

When does alcohol abuse or drug abuse become a problem?

What do you do if you think someone has a drink or drugs problem in the workplace?

What do you do if that person might be you?

This new course from iHasco – Drug and Alcohol Awareness – tells you exactly what you need to know to deal with a potential problem BEFORE it becomes a real problem.

Substance Awareness Training

Every year thousands of lives are ruined by alcohol and drug abuse.

Just one person in the workplace affected by alcohol or drugs can put everyone around them at risk. In fact, alcohol is a factor in up to 1 in 4 workplace accidents.

It’s a real problem.

This programme looks at how alcohol and drugs can affect a person’s health, who’s at risk, the signs, and, most importantly, it gives practical suggestions about what can be done to help.

It’s essential training, designed to be used by EVERYONE in workplaces of all types.

It’s written in clear and easy to understand language, using a mixture of animation, real life and graphics to hold interest and help retain the essential messages. For more details, see our Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training, or call us on 01344 867088 to discuss the course today.