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Fire Training for Schools: What Do I Need To Do?

Due to the nature of staff responsibility within the Education sector, having sound Fire Training is more important than ever. True Fire Safety means having adequate emergency procedures in place, so that in the event of a fire, everyone knows what to do. It also means understanding what constitutes a fire risk within the working environment in question, as well as performing the correct risk assessments and taking sensible steps to mitigate avoidable fire hazards. 

Picture of a school pointing out dangers in furniture.

In order to give Schools, Colleges, and other Educational institutes the tools they need to ensure they are doing everything they should be to keep their premises safe, we have designed two titles that cover fire safety in the education environment. As with our other Health & Safety programmes, these courses are delivered in an entirely online format, and are suitable (an accessible) for all levels of staff and management. 

A school with two fire engines outside. All the school kids are at the designated fire point.

Fire Awareness for Education and Fire Warden for Education take accredited content from our standard programmes, and enrich these already comprehensive courses with information about the correct way to safeguard your school against the risks fire poses.

A boy on the phone to an operator explaining that his school is on fire.

The two courses can be completed in between sixty and one hundred minutes, and cover a range of topics that are punctuated by end of section tests to ensure constant attention and maximum knowledge retention. Chapters in Fire Awareness for Education include: The Nature of Fire; Fire Signage; Common Fire Hazards; What to do if you discover a fire, and The correct way to use fire extinguishers.

Chapters in Fire Warden for Education include: An introduction to how fire spreads within a building (plus an overview of common fire signage); The importance of a Fire warden; The correct way to organise and perform an evacuation; Different classes of fire extinguishers (and which kinds of fire they are appropriate for), and a section on fire legislation.

Fire Safety Online Training Courses