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Average score 4.5

1377 reviews

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interesting and informative

Excellent and informative course

This was a pleasure to complete. Relevant, challenging, engaging and interesting. Felt much more interactive than expected and was presented perfectly.

Good online training

The training was easy to set up and watch, it had a good pace and was very informative. I felt the length was right (any longer and it would have got a little boring). I like at the end it had change/be aware one thing to improve yourself and that it states unconscious bias is normal but we should challenge it. The sections with the voices and then photos of the people was extremely interesting.

A short and comprehensive course

It was helpful to identify types of unconscious bias and how to deal with it

Long winded

The videos could be run together - I understand why they're not (thinking time, attention span, refocusing etc) yet the option would've been nice as I found it annoying to keep pressing next and play every few minutes.

Very professionally done

It was fun and useful to learn / confirm how to avoid unconscious bias

Very informative

I learned so much I didn't know before

Great content

Useful to open one's mind about it's hiden parts and make him aware of the need to "ACT" in order to make improvements.


Very educational

Quite revealing, on point and helpful.

The course - Unconscious Bias Training is a great one. It basically helps to acknowledge our natural bias, challenge our thoughts and formed opinions and provide training opportunities to see issues as they really are.

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